The shawpak is a revolutionary machine offering a thermoforming solution to your packaging needs that is totally unique.

The machine has been designed and developed by a team of engineers from Riverside Medical Packaging.

Built in the UK at our state-of-the-art engineering facility based in Derby, every care has been taken to ensure the machines are built to the highest quality.




Amazingly compact, portable, flexible, energy efficient and above all, very competitively priced.

These are just a few of its unique attributes. The shawpak is just so different - its tiny size and flexible layout means that it can be configured in so many different ways to suit the customer's requirements.

During the task of developing the shawpak, Riverside's extensive experience in packaging, dating back to 1979, has played a major role in identifying the vital features and production advantages that the shawpak provides, overcoming many of the disadvantages and limitations of the generic thermoforming machines currently available.

This method means no gripper chains and no trim, leading to much less maintenance, contamination and down-time. Coupled with this, the product is placed into the mould that creates the form, meaning no blister edges can ever be trapped in the seal.

Our philosophy with the design is based on producing packs in a single lane format. This simplifies the operation of the machine and leads to precise control of forming and, more critically, sealing parameters. This control leads to incredible repeatability which can be recorded and data logged.

Another great benefit is that coding and labelling is kept simpler on a single lane basis. While single lane may sound limiting, with cycle times of less than 3 seconds we are confident that shawpak will meet the majority of tasks both economically and efficiently.

The heart of the machine is a servo driven indexing drum which transports the webs through the machine. The drum is surrounded by forming, sealing and cutting stations. The product is simply loaded in to the top of the tooling drum and ejected out of the base onto a discharge conveyor. It is that simple!


Shawpak Tooling

A tool set consists of three main parts:

Forming Drum, Form Heater and Seal Plate.

The innovative design means that tooling is compact, lightweight, economic and above all quick and simple to change.


Forming Drum

The drum houses the forming cavities. These can be as simple as a basic rectangle through to a contoured 3D surface to match the product to be packed. Pack forms can be changed either by replacing the drum or by individual pocket inserts.